As image consultants, a hem is not just the finished edge of a garment. A hem is something that we can use to our advantage (or disadvantage). We show our clients why certain hemlines are better than others. When choosing shorts or mini skirts for example, avoid the hemline finishing at the widest part of your thigh as it will draw attention to that area.

A maxi hemline on a dress is excellent for adding length to your silhouette, but if you are petite, it can easily swamp you, particularly if ..

Five Ways To Switch Up Your Spring/Summer Look

Spring/summer is all about wearing lighter make-up for a barely-there look. Here are five easy switches that you can make to ensure you're season ready:
1) Hydrate inside and out. Drink more water and switch over to hydrating skincare products. Our Age-Defying Facial Oil deeply nourishes and hydrates the skin. Find out more here.
2) Swap out your heavier winter foundation for a lightweight tinted moisturiser. Let your natural glow shine through!
3) Ditch the one tone bronzer for our Kaleido..

The Empire Waist Dress, Bridgerton Style

Has anyone else fallen in love with Bridgerton Season 2? What a veritable feast of colour and print, and the symbolism and meanings behind every outfit.
A recent trend on the back of this epic is the empire waist dress. Championed by the Regency period (ie. the Bridgertons et al) but dating right back to Ancient Greece when it was the epitome of grace and feminity. In fact the empire waist is a trend that dips its head in and out of fashion throughout the ages.
The empire silhouette doesn&#039..

Bag It For Spring

We’re all for refreshing our look with bags, shoes and accessories each season (one pair of shoes can instantly update many outfits, so it is very cost effective and kinder to the environment). A quick sweep of the high street indicates that bag trends are strong this spring. Possibly due to the fact that we didn’t buy many during the pandemic!

Here's our guide to choosing the right one.
Micro bags, slouchy totes and short strap shoulder bags are just some of the trends that are ev..

Guest Post: How I Make The Soft Colour Palette Work For Me

We are delighted to hand over this month's blog post to colour me beautiful consultant, Toni Carver. Toni is talking about her own colouring and how she wears shades from her palette.

My dominant colouring type under the colour me beautiful tonal system of analysis is ‘soft’.
I have very little contrast between my hair, my skin tone (which is cool) and my eyes are a blue/grey colour. Because I’ve chosen to highlight my hair, I’d describe my overall features as softened and toned down.

A Bite Size Guide To Tackling Your Wardrobes

It's that time of year again when we have the urge to purge our wardrobe. And doesn't it feel better every time you open the door to neat and orderly rows? We always encourage our clients to let their wardrobes breathe. A cluttered space can actually mean less outfit choices, as you can't see the wood for the trees. Whereas an organised space will allow you to see exactly what you have and inspire different outfit combinations.
But we get it, it's time consuming and exhaustin..

Are Coco Chanel’s Quotes Still Fashionable?

Coco Chanel, an outspoken personality who changed the way women dressed with her revolutionary approach to fashion. Many of her words still resonate with us today, although here at colour me beautiful, we would argue that there are more colours than black, but that is a discussion for another day!

Let's have a look at some of her famous quotes:
“The best color in the whole world, is the one that looks good on you”
Wise words indeed and this was before colour analysis was even a thing. That..

Guest Blog Post: Make Your Wardrobe Go Further by Sarah Harris

I always keep all of my clothes in my wardrobe; I don’t separate summer/winter wear. At the beginning of each season, I check current trends and work out what I would like to incorporate into the looks I am going to wear.
I have my basic items that go with everything, I call these my 'wardrobe staples'; so jeans, black and white trousers, jackets and coats all work really well. It is very hard for me to find trousers that fit well as I am 6ft tall and slim build, so when I find them I..

A Colourful New Career: Amanda’s Story

Are you interested in fashion, colour, style and image? Would you like to channel your passion into a rewarding career? If so, this blog post is for you. colourmebeautiful is the leading Image Consultancy company in the UK and across Europe, but don't just take our word for it! Recently qualified consultant, Amanda Devaure-Croft shares her story and colourmebeautiful journey today:

“My first experience of colourmebeautiful was having my colours done by the lovely Lindsay Edwards. It was su..

How To Make A Seasonal Trend Colour Work For You When It Isn’t In Your Palette

You may be reading this and wonder why on earth anyone would want to wear a colour that doesn't suit them. Try telling that to a Dramatic Style Personality, who will be currently in the throes of scouring every fashion magazine for the latest must-have colour and styles.
Of course the 'it' colour of the season may be a favourite shade of yours, but you just can't get it to work. You're still itching to wear it though!
Incorporating an on-trend colour into your wardrobe ..